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Islam, a genuine religion of peace and mankind, shockingly is presently being viewed as a main driver behind undemocratic works on winning in Islamic states. The significant purpose for such confusion is misconception and totally wrong examination of Islamic political qualities. While examining the theme of Islam and majority rule government individuals frequently take extraordinary positions; some present Islamic political framework as a direct opposite of vote based system, while others stress that both Islam and popular government are two unique terms suggesting same thing as John Esposito and John Voll contended in their late book ‘Islam and Vote based system’ that both are perfect with each other. Be that as it may, the genuine picture is not quite the same as both perspectives. Consequently before taking sides of either gathering one must have finish comprehension of some imperative ideas with respect to the place of majority rule government in Islam.

The Idea of Power in Islam

The premise of Islamic political framework is a flat out faith in the sway of Allah, the genuine law supplier. Nobody, even a prophet can arrange others in his own particular right. The Prophet himself is subjected to Allah’s charges. As Sacred Prophet (PBUH) said, “I don’t tail anything with the exception of what is uncovered to me”. For man Islam utilizes the expression “Vicegerency” (Khilafat) rather than “sway”. Anybody chose as vicegerent uses the power as the trust from Allah and is responsible before Him for each move he makes under these forces.

Basic leadership Process in Islamic Country

In Islam “Shura” is the main basic leadership and executing body. The part of Shura is frequently contrasted and the part of parliament in cutting edge vote based system yet the principle yielding between two is the idea of genuine law supplier. In Islam just Allah Omnipotent is the genuine law provider to Whom the power of enactment vests. Man has no power to alter as far as possible and can’t fall back on autonomous enactment. He needs to take all choice inside the recommended system as per principles of Allah not by the selection of individuals. Such constraints are set quite recently to avoid abuse of man for the sake of lion’s share vote and to advance a very much adjusted arrangement of social equity under which political forces can be utilized to destroy components bringing on instabilities and vulnerabilities among individuals.

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Standard of Uniformity in Islam

Islam introduces a populist social structure as indicated by which every person are equivalent before Allah; nobody is better than another on the record of his economic well being, family foundation, station or calling. The main model of predominance is close to home inclination and respectable character. The Sacred Prophet (PBUH) attested this reality on many events. Some of those attestations are given here:

“Nobody is better than another with the exception of in purpose of confidence and devotion. All men are slid from Adam and Adam was made of earth.”

On another event of tending to individuals after the success of Makkah, the Sacred Prophet (PBUH) said:

“O individuals of Quraysh! Allah has found your haughtiness of the times of numbness and the pride of lineage. O men, every one of you are slid from Adam and Adam was made of earth. There is no pride whatever in family; there is no legitimacy in a Middle Easterner as against a non-Middle Easterner nor in a non-Middle Easterner against a Middle Easterner. Verily the most commendable among you according to Allah is he who is the most devout.”

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