Terrifying fish walks threatens to destroy Australia

Australia is threatened to be destroyed by a fish which could live without water for six days and hibernate for six months, breath in air and can walk as well. Terrifying fish walks, breath and threatens to destroy land of kangaroos.

A Journalist believes that this isn’t a super fish, it is a terminator fish. It has short spine on his gill plates and moved from Asia to Australia. Now researchers from Jams University says that fish can apparently tolerate sea water meaning the specie could spread to main land of Australia OR anywhere.

It has alarming sign that fish already traveled to Island of Papua New Guinea and it could devastate echo system of Australia. Although Scientist doubt fish could tolerate enough sea water to move across oceans.

Their main concern is fish could make it main land considering with boats, how terrifying and destructive this fish sounds if such a boat ever arrived in Sydney harbor it will a chaos.If you are can believe in this please avoid to visit cost lines and if not enjoy lovely sunsets of oceans.

Video Link :http://wp.me/p8bcM6-bO

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