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Close your eyes. Envision the stroke of warm sun rays all over, the twist in your hair, the saltwater on your lips and the cool water encompassing you. Paradise? For the vast majority it is however for shark assault survivors it was the last tranquil memory the last one they had before they confronted what they believed was sure demise!

While motion pictures make shark assaults look like sharks are on a bolstering free for all, in any case, they do happen albeit for the most part for various reasons, for example, disarray or when feeling debilitated. Where on the planet do shark assaults happen?

Indeed, the principle regions where shark assaults have happened throughout the years until 2005 as indicated by the ISAF (Global Shark Assault Record) are: Joined Conditions of America (mainland), Britain, Asia, Australia, the Pacific Island, Hawaii, the Antilles, the Bahamas, Costa Rica, Mexico, Africa, South America and New Zealand.

What are the insights for shark assaults in these regions? In the mainland U.S., the measurements are speaking to the enrolled shark assaults since the principal casualty which was in 1883 in South Carolina up to 2005 which was in Florida. A sum of 234 shark assaults have been enlisted, 7 of them have brought about fatalities. The states that have had casualties in their waters are: Florida, California, North Carolina, South Carolina, Texas, Alabama, Oregon, Georgia, Virginia and New Jersey. Shark assaults likewise have happened in the Vast Sea which is under the law requirement of the U.S.A. Hawaii has recorded 23 shark assaults, the last casualty being in 2004.

Mexico has recorded 3 shark assaults, two being fatalities. The last casualty happened in 1997. Costa Rica has recorded 2 shark assaults and the last casualty was in 1964. The Antilles have recorded an aggregate of 4 shark assaults, 2 in Cuba where there last casualty was in 1945, 1 in the Virgin Islands which likewise had their last casualty in 1972 and 1 in St.Martin.

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South America has 3 nations that recorded shark assaults from 2000 to 2005 which totaled 22 of them. Brazil alone has an aggregate of 18 and 1 casualty which happened in 2004. Ecuador has recorded 2 shark assaults and Venezuela has 2 too and their last casualty happened in 1971.

Britain recorded 1 shark assault somewhere around 2000 and 2005 with their last casualty being in 1968. Africa has recorded 32 shark assaults amid this period, 8 bringing about fatalities. The pioneer of the pack is South Africa with 21 shark assaults, 2 fatalities, and the last one in 2004. At that point you have the Mascarene Islands with 5 shark assaults, 1 casualty, the last one being in 1999. Tanzania recorded 3 shark assaults, 3 fatalities and the last one being in 2000. Madagascar had 1 shark assault and the last casualty was in 1955. What’s more, you have Cape Verde with 1 shark assault and the last casualty was in 2001. At last, there is Egypt with 1 shark assault and 1 casualty which happened in 2004.

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