Plane Crashes Over Beaches And Seas

Seventeen Slaughtered as Dakota Crushes into Mountain

Feature news on Tuesday October 16, 1951, was that 17 individuals had been killed when a South African Aviation routes (SAA) Dakota, the Paardeberg collided with a mountain and detonated noticeable all around. There were 13 travelers, including my maternal granddad, Archie Cramer and four group individuals.

It was accounted for to be the primary significant South African air crash including a SAA plane.

The climate was depicted as extremely “upsetting” with wind that had up to 50 miles a hour speed and low perceivability. There were additionally said to be “intermittent cloud and thunder conditions”. Its last known correspondence was at 3.48 pm when the pilot radioed their normal time of landing in Stamford Slope (Durban) as 5.35 pm.

The following morning, the pilot of the Paardeberg’s sister plane recognized the wore out destruction of the plane strewn over a huge fix of mountainside. It was clear to him that the plane had collided with the mountain and detonated. It was additionally obvious that there were no survivors.

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The mountain into which the plane smashed is around 7,500 feet (2,280 meters) above ocean level and the main high ground in the quick region. It was around 11 miles (around 18 km) south of Kokstad which is arranged inland between Port Shepstone and Port St. Johns.

Amid the timeframe that the plane was “missing”, ships adrift were alarmed and the notable mail ship, Cape Town Manor was vigilant, utilizing its radar gear. South African Aviation routes Sunderland’s and Harvard’s were on remain by in Durban, while SAA Lodestars flew along the possible course the plane had taken and afterward on parallel courses here and there the drift.

Individuals on the ground reported listening to the rambling of substantial engines at various circumstances (and in better places) amid the evening of Monday October 15. At around 4 pm, at Mends, which is 20 miles (32 km) from the Banshee Stream mouth, an air ship was heard flying low in thick cloud. There was additionally a report of a plane flying over Tsolo at around 4.30 that evening. The Paardeberg was the main “enormous” plane on the course around then.

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