Life of a Muslim is cheaper than anything in world

I am viewing the present exchange with Muslims and the Muslim world with cheerful foresight alongside a great many people on the planet. The religion of Islam keeps on being a standout amongst the most misjudged beliefs on the planet because of the deception by the enemies of Islam and regularly by the very adherents themselves. The religion of Islam and Muslims have been under a magnifying lens since the repulsive episode of September eleventh. I have been told by and by a couple that I have made them uncomfortable, in view of my Islamic connection. Weight inside and remotely are presently bringing on the Muslim world and Muslims by and large to reconsider the way we have honed our confidence.

I have seen that amid this late discourse with Muslims there are still a few misinterpretations in regards to Islam and Muslims. I trust these are pure misconception, however they encourage into a bigger generalizations of Muslims.

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A standout amongst the most widely recognized false impressions concern the real starting point of Islam and Muslims. President Obama as of late said in his discourse to the Muslim world through Egypt that, “He needed to come back to where Islam started.” Some may state what isn’t right with his announcement and why are you making such a major get worked up about nothing. I don’t by and by trust that he implied anything by it, yet this is not the Muslim position with respect to our root on the planet. To start with not all Muslims are Middle Easterners, but rather a few Muslims, around 18%, happen to be Middle Easterners and live in the Center Eastern district. Whatever remains of the Muslim family live in Indonesia, Africa, Europe, America, China and all in the middle of making up the assessed 1.5 million Muslims around the world.

Also, Muslims nor the Qur’an show that Islam had it’s birthplace 1400+ years prior or in the topographical zone of Arabia. Islam as we are instructed is a rule of accommodation to the will of the Maker of the sky and the Earth. It is an everlasting rule that is found in nature, the universe and humankind. It is therefore that we trust every one of the prophets instructed a similar lifestyle accommodation to the will of God.

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