Kashmiri Musalman

Question is what United Nations is doing, what OIC is doing. They are been placed for nothing. It is truce fact that United Nation will act when America wants them to do so. OIC is not capable to resolve any issue because they even are not able to differences amongst themselves.

India world’s so called largest democracy and secular state cannot hide himself what Indian Army is doing in Jammu & Kashmir. It is the time for Muslim Ummah to be united and destroy this Jewish supported and funded countries and bodies.

Currently a young Kashmiri Shaheed Burhan Vani enlightened cause of freedom amongst his nation due to which Indian Army and Politicians are reacted in very abrupt manner and curfew was found for many days, many innocent people were killed.

Video Link :http://wp.me/p8bcM6-bJ

Pakistan has to present issue of Jammu & Kashmir in batter way on each and every forum in order to create awareness amongst western countries which would really help to put pressure on India to resolve the issue according to the wish of people living over there.
May ALLAH bless people of Jammu & Kashmir and succeed their fight for freedom.

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