Israeli soldiers and palestinian women

A considerable lot of the Palestinians of the Center East consider the locale of Palestine to be “involved” and renamed as Israel. To them it is the place where there is Free Palestine. They are the indigenous individuals of this antiquated land.

Human remains have been found there going back to 6,000 B.C.! In Jericho, the most punctual groups go back a large number of years in the place once known as the place where there is Canaan. Free Palestine lies on the western side of Asia. The nation is flanked by Lebanon and Syria.

On the west side of Palestine lays the Mediterranean Ocean. Jordan deceives the East and the Bay of Aqaba and the Egyptian Sinai Landmass toward the south. It is populated by a people who are for the most part Muslims, yet are religiously differing to incorporate Christian, Jewish, and Druze neighbors. Most Palestinians are multi-lingual. They communicate in English, Hebrew and French. Arabic is the official dialect.

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