Hazrat Nooh A.S. Boat found in Egypt

You have most likely heard it said the Blessed Soul resembles a cloud; a mist; an apparition or even a wind. As we as a whole know, it is as difficult to clarify what or who the Blessed Soul is as it is to clarify what wind is. Clearly, the wind is something we can’t see, At the same time, we can feel the twist so that leads us to attempt to clarify it by discussing the impacts of the wind and what it does surrounding us.

I have a ton of fun filled hours in wind-related exercises, for example, cruising vessels, flying planes and taking off in hang lightweight planes. Accordingly, I have turned out to be very acquainted with the impacts of the wind. I know a number of the ways the wind can influence whatever vehicle I’m in. Obviously, it is dependably up to me as the person who is in control of the watercraft or plane to alter the sails or wings appropriately to make the best, most functional and most secure utilization of that wind. I should, through preparing and experience, figure out how to make that concealed and wild wind turned into my worker.

When I feel the twist all over, I know it is there and I know in which bearing it is blowing. The wind can be delicate and tender or it can be wild, and solid! At that point, it is dependent upon me to realize what the wind is “advising” me so I will dependably be the person who is in control of the plane or sailboat I am in. That is the point at which I need to settle on a decision: I can either “battle the wind” or respect it.


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When I attempt to battle the wind, it doesn’t work. I never win that fight. In any case, when I unwind and accept circumstances for what they are, I’ve discovered I can; simply discover approaches to gain ground toward my objective. For instance, when in flight, in a light flying machine, in a solid, harsh and uneven wind, I will head my delicate plane to the asylum and security an adjacent airplane terminal. Then again, when in a sailboat in stormy winds and harsh oceans, I will direct toward a secured harbor where I can moor and know I’ll be protected. In these ways I discover I take control of the impacts of the twist yet I can never really control the wind.

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