Cutting a bleeding tree

In Pakistan only one province KPK took serious action against people who were destroying forests and cutting trees. Provincial set a target to grow 10 million trees till next year which would really help them to create healthy environment. We should appreciate this and also learn from this.

In this video you could see a men is cutting a bleeding tree, this is a miracle is this is true. This also proofs that trees are alive and cutting them is a really big sin. Blood is not stopping it looks like a throat of human being is cut with a knife.

We must show this and teach our children to make to grow one tree at least every year to make sure we have a healthy world.In this world sometime things change mentality of human being even human being cannot believe but it happened in real life those things really amazing in this video you can watch amazing tree,quality of this tree sometime blood came out from it.

People from whole around the world visit that place only for watch this amazing tree.Most of the develop countries care these kind of amazing things and save it in museum also people from around the world enjoy their trip visit these kind of amazing things.

What might you say on the off chance that I let you know there was a tree with seeds that decontaminate water, green leaves more nutritious than spinach, delicious (additionally nutritious) palatable cases, a few different parts that work as prescriptions, and it flourishes in some fierce atmospheres.

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I comprehend what you’d say. “Cool! Simply don’t make me eat the clears out.”

No, what you’d presumably say is, “Wow – I need one!” At any rate that is the thing that I said, alongside, “If this is genuine, why haven’t I found out about it some time recently?”

All things considered, it’s genuine okay, and it’s known as The Drumstick Tree. Truth be told there are a large number of them, presumably just not in your yard. It likewise fills in as bug spray, fungicide and can be utilized to make ointment and bio fuel. It has incalculable different uses, and in old solution was accepted to avoid more than 300 sicknesses. (The takes off alone have 7 times the vitamin C of Oranges, 4 times the vitamin An of carrots, 4 times the calcium of drain, 3 times the potassium of bananas, and double the protein of yogurt.)

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