Concept of afterlife in Islam

On the off chance that there is anything that has pulled in disparate consideration and response that is the issue of life that remaining parts after death. It appears that science on one side is against logic and religious philosophy on the opposite side with regards to issue of life after death this can be investigated by the utilization of a medium perused.

Science may need us to trust that once life is finished, it is over; the subject of paradise or hell fire and even judgment after death to them doesn’t hold water on the grounds that to them there is no exact confirmation to verification the presence of life past life itself. However the question is: does science have the response for all things?

The reply obviously is capital NO. Indeed, even in science itself there are dependably contradictions on a few issues by battling logical hypotheses. The issue of life after death is outside the ability to understand of science. All known human religions have dependably make them educate or the other on the subject. The universes driving religions that are Christianity and Islam have faith in presence of life after death.

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Life ought not be seen and constrained to simply physical bodies we have however well beyond the physical body, the life is likewise made out of soul. It is the soul in life that goes ahead after life. At the end of the day after death the physical body is changed into another type of living, which is no longer physically living however profoundly living. It is just the general population who are talented in observing past the standard that see the individuals who are living after they have passed on. These extraordinary individuals are known as mediums.

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