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Thyra Amalie Caroline Glücksborg of Denmark (1853-1933) wedded Ernest Augustus II of Hanover, the third Duke of Cumberland and Teviotdale. He was the eldest tyke and the main child of Ruler George V of Hanover so he was not a supposed “no one”. As a portion of the relatives of their six youngsters were extremely amazed furthermore offended when it was made realized that Thyra had an ill-conceived girl by an everyday.

Citizen before her marriage one may presume that her better half, George, did not know anything about this kid. The circumstances being what they were the undertaking, the birth and the appropriation of the kid were viewed as top mystery so just a restricted hover of relatives and dear companions thought about it.

Else it may have been viewed as extremely sentimental that the youthful princess became hopelessly enamored with lieutenant of the mounted force, Vilhelm Frimann Marcher, that they overlooked the generally exceptionally unmistakable class contrasts and had an affection illicit relationship. At the point when the tyke was conceived on the 8 November 1871 the princess was just 18 years of age so she was very nearly a youngster herself.

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To keep away from a noteworthy outrage – princesses are not anticipated that would get pregnant by appealing everyday people, particularly not when unmarried – one of Thyra’s siblings, the Lord of Greece, George I, proposed that she had her child in Athens, imagining that she was sick with jaundice and voyaged as a result of her wellbeing.

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